Easy and Satisfying
"Mrs. Jefferson was an awesome rep and she made EVERYTHING easy and satisfying."
Maurice and Alesha S.
Helpful At All Times
"Elinda was very helpful at all times. I never felt that we couldn't go to her. Elinda is one of the most pleasant people I've ever met."
Christy E. - New Castle
Attention to Detail was Incredible

"Eric was very knowledgeable about all products and kept us informed throughout the entire process. Could not have been better!"

"Scott's attention to detail was incredible! House was finished well before scheduled and correctly built. Couldn't have been better! He is a real asset to the company!"

Jacob B - Redwood Place at Legacy

"Eric was an excellent sales representative!"

"Gordon was great!"

Ricardo C. - Redwood Place at Legacy
Wonderful Process

"Eric and Scott were absolutely great! Everything in this process turned out wonderful!"

Kurtis J. - Redwood Place at Legacy
Kept us Informed
"Scott was amazing; he did a wonderful job with keeping us informed!
Matt S. - Belle Rose at Legacy
Always Available
"We could not have asked for a better, more knowledgable salesperson; friendly and always available!"
Chris H. - Belle Rose at Legacy
Worked with us for 2 years!

"Wayne has always been professional and worked with us for 2 years!"

John B. - Savannah Place
Willing to go the Extra Mile

"Marcus was very helpful and customer focused!" "John was fantastic, very customer focused, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help!"

David C. - Savannah Place
Best and Most Affordable
"Actually looked at 100-150 homes and thought Southern Home Builders was the best and most affordable!"
John B. - Savannah Place
Outstanding Service
"Outstanding Service! Any time I had a question/concern it was answered without delay!"
Darren S. - Belle Rose at Legacy
Felt at Home from Day 1
"Elinda is an excellent sales rep. She goes beyond her duties to make the buyer feel welcome; she is awesome." "Our sales rep made us feel at home from Day 1!"
Antonio H. - New Castle
Lovely Community
"It is the nicest neighborhood in my price range and style. The location is great and it is a friendly community that is quiet and lovely!"
Jill S. - Redwood Place at Legacy
Friendly and Accommodating
"Very friendly and accommodating! John has many extra suggestions and helpful advice to offer. He also explained how to operate everything!"
Mary S. - Savannah Place
"The process seemed easier than starting from scratch with a builder!"
Chad W. - Savannah Place
Super Easy and Enjoyable Process
"Wayne was awesome! Knowledgable, friendly and easy to communicate with! He was quick to answer any questions and made the process super easy and enjoyable!"
Erin H. - Savannah Place
"Scott was fantastic - very thorough! Seriously - he did a great job!"
Matthew F. - Redwood Place at Legacy
Thorough and Professional

"I love Eric! He answered all of my questions and called several times to check on me. He's very thorough and professional. Great personality!"

"Scott made sure that I was knowledgeable about what everything in my house was for. He made himself available whem I had questions. Working with him was a good experience."

Holly P. - Redwood Place at Legacy
Super Friendly
"Eric was great, super friendly and always able to answer our questions."
Kristen R. - Belle Rose at Legacy
Great Communication
"Gordon really was knowledgeable; had great communication!"
Jessica D. - Redwood Place at Legacy
A Joy to Work With
"Eric has been so very helpful and made our experience wonderful!" "Scott was a joy to work with and we really were pleased with the care he put into our home!"
Sarah G. - Redwood Place at Legacy
"Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. Very friendly!"
Kimberly P. - New Castle